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Save THOUSANDS of dollars On Advertising and Start Generating Insane ROIs today.

See how simple Data Jeo is.

Find out all you need to know about your target audience with this excellent software.


Why Data Jeo

  • Easy Researching Tool

    Create precision-targeted products tailored to your market without digging through the web researching that one niche product.

  • Discover High Converting Ads

    Become a Super-Affiliate by having high-converting ads in any niche at your fingertips. Use it to your advantage with Data Jeo's search tool.

  • Drive competition free traffic to your site

    Find hidden buyers from 'weird' sources that experts ignore and drive targeted, cheap, competition-free traffic to your business.

  • Understand Your Audience

    Watch your conversions explode as you start to understand the needs of your audience.

  • Unlock Paid Traffic 

    Paid traffic is the most significant and most sustainable source of traffic in search of traffic on the internet. You will be surprised at how easy it will be to draw more traffic for you paid ads.

From the owner of Data Jeo - Walter Bayliss

"Imagine if you KNEW exactly who your ideal customer was, where they hung out on the web, what sites they visited and how to reach them in the best possible way

could you imagine what that would be WORTH?

Seriously, Put a dollar figure on it...

then... imagine if you could do exactly that, for any product at any time, EVERY time"

-Walter Bayliss - Data Jeo

And THAT's What DataJeo can do for you.

A Happy Data Jeo Customer

We run nearly A Million Dollars per MONTH on facebook advertising through our agency and Customer research is the difference between a successful campaign and a failure. DataJeo makes the research push button easy and eliminates the costly exercise of the initial 'tweaking' of ads to perform better

David Schloss

More Customer Feedback

Take Charge of Your Lifestyle

Why? You are maybe asking when you make your online marketing strategy more efficient and profitable, but also EASIER. When you have commissions and sales from products consistently rolling in every day, and your commute to work becomes optional.


Remember that moment. I think you will look back on it, and say that moment is when it all changed.


Online business is supposed to be SIMPLE.

You drive traffic. Make some money.

Easy right?

Only it is not.

Instead, you find yourself having to spend thousands of dollars for paid clicks, and all those traffic on your ads, are not leading your customers to click your buy now button.

At this stage, this is where the majority of people give up.


I almost did.


I put all my resources into crafting the perfect ad by trying to understand the product. And when my ROI stayed painfully small, and my advertising costs went up. It made me start to wonder if the business was something cut out for me, or if should cut my losses and go back to the rat race.

Twelve words changed the way I do business; my mind was blown wide open.

The savings from the lower advertising costs meant I invested the savings into the business.


So What Were Those Magic Words?


“Stop trying to understand the product.  You’ve got to understand the customer.”


  • When you understand your target customer. 
  • Who’s buying your competition’s product.
  • When you know who is searching for those keywords you’re targeting
  • When you know where they’re hanging out
  • What else they’re looking for.

Then turning traffic into money just got a whole lot easier!




From results like this to the results below.

In the exact niche!

There are other platforms out there? 


Yes, that is correct. The information is out there and available, Alexa, SimilarWeb and Adbeat can provide this information to you. But before you do that their total cost combined can set you back to a price of $497 per month.


And when you gather the data, all the information may be hard to interpret.

What if you given a full Report on your targeted Customer? 


What if you are looking for a new niche or run a new campaign for your business and with a single push of a button, a report is generated like this...

What if you given a full Report on your targeted Customer? 


What if you are looking for a new niche or run a new campaign for your business and with a single push of a button, a report is generated like this..

Everything you need to know, all in one place

  • Where your customer is coming from.

  • What keywords they’re looking for.

  • The social media they use.

​Data Jeo can filter everything down to the ideal customer.

Deep-Level Market intelligence

You virtually can't fail to run a successful campaign

  • No more hours of endless research

    You’ve been GIVEN all the information you need

  • MASSIVE increases in your Click Through Rates

    Know EXACTLY what gets your audience excited

  • Near-perfect targeting

    You can see the keywords your audience is searching for.  And when you know what they’re looking for, you know what to give them

  • A HUGE increase in sales

    The hardest part of selling is finding a product your audience wants to buy. When You KNOW what they want, you can put it in front of them every time

  • Eliminate false starts

    Other marketers can run dozens of ads before they find a successful campaign.  You can home in on that killer ad with the accuracy of an Exocet missile.

Watch the tour & see how simple Data Jeo is.

Find a plan that’s right for you.




per month

  • Unlimited keywords

  • Mobile access

  • Reply in-app

  • Custom alerts




per year

  • Unlimited keywords

  • Mobile access

  • Reply in-app

  • Custom alerts

  • SAVE $167

Frequently asked question

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

Is This A One Time Cost?

What If I Don't Want To Renew?

Simple.  Just Let Us Know And We'll Cancel Your Account.  One Email To Support Any Time And It's Done.

Is There Training Provided?

Yes. Complete Walkthrough Including the What Do I Do With This Data?

Will The Cost Ever Go Up?

NO! As Long As You Are A Customer You Get To Lock In The Low Introductory Pricing. Forever!

Will You Be Adding To The Data

YES!  We Already Have Plans In Place For The Next 12 Months.  You Will See New Sources All The Time.

Can I start on Monthly and then go to yearly later?

You can...  BUT after this launch the yearly will be $997, so if you want the lowest price, lock it in now.  if you can only swing for the monthly, you are still getting amazing value that will continue to deliver valuable information on all your campaigns anytime you log in.

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