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  • A simple push of a button
  • No need to install or download.  It's 100% Cloud based.
  • Login anywhere and profit.
  • No technical or coding skills required . User friendly interface.
  • Built to support all businesses and niches.
  • Search and connect directly to the right person. Dodges those naysayers.

See how simpleColdreach is.

World’s #1 ‘Lead Generation & Sales Automation’ Software 

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Are You Making Profits For YOUR Business – Or For Someone Else’s?

Without a reliable source of new leads for your product or service, your business is dead in the water.There’s a high chance - you are spending an crazy amount of time and money on lead generation by…

  • Creating in-depth blog content / books / ebooks / guides / online courses.

  • Prospecting on LinkedIn

  • Launching ad campaigns.

  • Producing videos/audiobooks

  • Hosting webinars/Podcasts

  • Speaking at conferences/Virtual Summits/Meetup events

  • Answering questions on Quora

  • Social listening on Twitter, Facebook etc.

Not everyone has the time, unlimited budget and money to chasing every generated led.


You have got a business to run.

You need results

ColdReach - A easy push button too:

  • The ability to pull in fresh LIVE leads any time you want.
  • There Qualify/Filters, The Ones That are relevant For the product or services you Sell.
  • Adding Them Into Your Autoresponders And Follow Up Sequences.
  • Approach These Leads For You Using The Web’s Largest Automation Platform ‘Zapier’


Find out whether a lead is a prospect.


Set your filters in place and find prospects that do have the potential to become your customer.


ColdReach takes away the agony of filling your pipeline and approaching endless leads to find the ONE that will say: 'YES'.​


Find leads instantly from any geographic location for any niche, and you will also get a list of their contact details.


Search By Vertical. Look for any profession in a specific location and niche—for example, Accountants in Chicago.


You can search by for a person and look for people with a specific job role in a specific location. For example, a CEO/Director/Manager in Harlem.


A push one button – And find the top leadership that can make the decisions, without going through the ‘Gatekeepers’.


One more push of another button and save them to the inbuilt CRM program – for future follow up and communication.


They are choosing from over 1,600+ platforms. From the internets largest automation platform ‘Zapier’. 

Add your prospects to a Slack channel or a cold outreach program like Woodpecker or Lemlist. 

You can even choose a CRM program like Zoho or send a direct tweet. 

Some prospects may even respond better to emails, while others prefer LinkedIn.


On average Forbes’ research states that
“Only 27% of leads ever get contacted.”​ 

What does that mean? That 73% of your hot leads are missing out on your offers and services.​ 

More importantly, that means YOU are missing out on 73% of your income. 
Contact 100% of your leads EVERY TIME. 
Send your conversions, sales and profits soaring starting today with ColdReach.

Watch ColdReach Quickly Generate leads

What's the VALUE of a lead for you?

Today I am in the business of offering software solutions that will change the way people do business online for the better. 

It will make things faster, more comfortable and better.
Every lead varies in value. From a $10 per sale product and upwards of $10 Million per sale deal.

But just for an example - let’s take a look at some of the most basic services being offered in todays online space.

Architecture &

Interior Design

Branding Services

Building Website

Financial Consulting

Legal Consulting

Market Research


The same principals are always consistent, irrespective of what the nature of your business is. 


You will always need to find leads, you will need to approach and follow up. It would help if you did that more often, but easier.


There is no point trying to find a way to magically jam 30 hours into your day and continuing to push hard.
When business sense dictates ColdReach.

Find a plan that’s right for you.




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