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Learn with GenM for a valuable career in Digital Marketing.

18 May 2019

For decades there have been multiple IT courses are offered at universities around the world, and most of these courses offered the possibility of long term employment in a professional field with the salary to match.

However, the world changes fast and sometimes it is hard to keep up with the pace of change. One area of the industry that is rapidly changing is IT. How can we keep up with the changes and trends of digital marketing programs?


For the industry, in general, the pace of change creates a skills gap between technology advances and lagging training. There is a solution to filling the skills gap in digital marketing and other areas of growth, the solution is called GenM.

What is GenM?

GenM is a marketplace where students who are interested in digital marketing can be linked to professionals who operate in this specific area. If the professional find the prospective student a suitable candidate for a digital marketing apprenticeship then a contract can be made between both parties.

The really interesting aspect to these digital marketing apprenticeships is that the commitment from both the student and the professional is based on working and learning through say ten to twelve hours per week. This allows the student to pursue other interests and maybe other income streams to supplement the apprenticeship.

What’s the purpose of the digital marketing apprenticeship?

The whole scheme is about FastTrack learning, the student can learn in the comfort of their own home connected to a professional who will teach the subject from a hands-on perspective. The student will be receiving valuable teaching lessons to enhance his or her career as a digital marketing professional.

The courses are the perfect add-on to college courses providing accelerated learning so the student can find employment that he is looking for.

What is the concept GenM

GenM aims to address the areas of digital marketing that colleges and universities are neglecting. When student graduate from college or university they have their education credentials and very little else to offer the prospective employer. Students leave education institutions unequipped for and ready for work.

GenM has created this platform for students to be ready for work.
How much will the course cost?

For students there is no cost, all of the costs associated with the course are paid by the companies who offer the digital marketing apprenticeship.
There are no hidden costs such as course materials or a graduation fee.

Does GenM offer certification?

You will receive some certification from GenM such as Google apps and a couple of other Google certificates. But, the concept of GenM is to get you ready for the working world. The company offering you your apprenticeship may employ you and your certificates will be gained in this way. 
Remember that GenM is free and has coordinated this concept to get students job ready providing the industry with its next digital leaders and workforce.

What will I learn on a digital marketing course?

That’s an excellent question to ask. What you learn on your digital marketing apprenticeship will be focused around your own specific interests. You may wish to focus on email marketing or a social media marketing program, it’s up to you.

Many students choose three or four areas of interest and discuss their options with the professional who will take them through the digital apprenticeship.
The key to learning and getting the most from GenM is to understand your specific selections will be matched with a leading professional in your chosen field of expertise. There is no other learning experience being offered that allows the student such access to top professional. Not for free.

Let me take you through a typical schedule showing what you can expect from your GenM apprenticeship.

Say in the first month you will learn about content marketing, what will you be doing?

You will learn the importance of keywords and how bloggers take advantage of keywords to attract traffic to their blog pages. You will learn that attracting traffic has some of its own specific needs that need to be managed to maximize the revenue potential for the blogger.

Analytics, you are likely to use Google analytics so you can understand how effective a post is and how you can use the analytics to make posts perform better.

Second Month, HTML/CSS you will learn to use both HTML and CSS in your email designs and will use email design for mail chimp. You will learn email automation and sequencing to affect the dispatch of emails at a precise time.

The third Month becomes a little busier but remember you are only committing to 10 -12 hours per week to give you a job ready CV. Brand design, you will learn how to use something like Canva to design images of the right size that are eye-catching and appealing to potential customers.


The third month can be heavily focused on Pinterest and to get the most from this marketing media platform. Together with the brand design, you will learn how to pursue brand awareness.

Brand awareness will be linked to SEO, Brand awareness is reliant on the specific keywords and target audiences.Google and Pinterest analytics. You will learn how to track the effectiveness of pins/posts using both analytic tools.

Understanding viral marketing by utilizing pins and reverse pins. You will join Pin group boards using Tailwind to re-share posts, a vital element of viral marketing campaigns.

Service advisory

Courses for service advisory are also offered and can be managed easily if you are prepared to commit to the hours of the course requirement which is 10-12 hours per week. The course content may look some like the below.

• The first month, creating a course development flow including the use of podcasts
• Customer relationship management (CRM) you will be taught how to analysis the podcast content to create a CRM
• Opt-in special offers and copywriting. You will likely have hands-on real-life experience in producing work for a client utilizing Opt-in methods often found on landing pages
• The second month, Public relationship strategies in the community and what can be done to make a positive impact
• Digitizing and branding, you will learn how to digitize and organize articles in a concise manner for easy flow reading. You will learn that digitizing plays a major role in marketing programs
• Targeted special offers to the community, You will be creating lead pages for the purpose of increasing sales to the online community.
• Third Month, launching a product. The third month may be focused on designs for Facebook pages using Cavna software.
• Transferring of Google content on to Facebook

The above offers a sample of how what you can expect from your free marketing courses. You will find the professional tutor will have a structures course based around your expectations. The professional tutor will tailor the course to your requirements providing they meet the vision of the company providing the apprenticeship.

However, it will be imperative you keep up your end of the bargain, committing to course work is a serious consideration and you should not accept this free marketing course if you are not prepared to put some work and effort into your assignments.

I am worried about the digital marketing interview, what questions will I need to answer?

For almost all of us who care about our next or first career move the interview process can be a daunting and nerve-racking experience. This is a normal way to feel, try not to let your anxiety stop you from expressing your expectation, remember interviews are a two-way street. If you don’t think you will get along with the tutor it is your prerogative to decline any offer. 

Make sure you have done your homework on the company who will be interviewing you for the apprenticeship. It would look bad if you are applying for a digital marketing apprenticeship and you know nothing about the company. Use the tools you have to find out as much information as possible; this will help formulate your own questions for the prospective apprenticeship company.

You are likely to be asked the following questions during your interview, none of them are difficult to answer.

1. What’s your understanding of digital marketing?
2. Can you name some digital marketing campaigns that caught your attention?
3. Provide a list of all the digital marketing techniques you may know
4. How would you describe digital marketing?
5. What are the most commonly used marketing tools?
6. Do you think it’s possible to measure success in social media and how could we do it?

These six questions give the flavor of the type of questions you could be asked. Preparation is critical to an interview. The questions should be based on what you already know and what you have learned about from your courses in college or university.

How does GenM compare with other digital marketing training courses?

GenM will match you with market leading trainers to tutor and guide you through your free digital marketing course. The aim is to provide a precise match of a top professional to your needs.

GenM provides a 3-month apprenticeship with a commitment to provide 10 hours of top-level tutoring per weeks for 12 weeks. For Fast Track learning, GenM will allow up to four apprenticeships to be committed too which effectively gives full-time digital marketing education for 12 weeks. With GenM the student is in control of the schedule, the student works from the comfort of his own home.

GenM allows you to make a bespoke course for your career development within the online digital marketing industry.

Other industries digital marketing apprenticeships require the student to pay for the course and tuition. Unlike Udacity the GenM courses are designed to allow the student maximum understanding through the course design.
Keep in mind the course you will undertake with GenM is not without of date professors it is with industry-leading companies who at the cutting edge of digital marketing.

Will I find work easier if I have a certificate from Udacity or Edex?

This is an interesting question and a question that could be debated for many hours if not longer. With GenM you will receive some certificates and accreditation.


Now, consider this reasoning. If you are taking an online course with any digital marketing training company or college you will receive a certificate that thousands of people have, and I mean thousands. One could argue that certificates have intrinsic value as many certificate recipients post them on LinkedIn looking for job opportunities.

You have undergone your apprenticeship with GenM being trained by a top cutting edge hands-on digital marketing professional. You will be producing small pieces of work for the company training you.

Who would you consider will be hired by the company training apprentices?

With GenM you are half of the way there to finding your first job, maybe your second or third but, the point is that if you are a great student and commit to the work for 3 months you will likely become the company’s first choice when hiring in your specific field of expertise.

This goes back to what I said at the beginning of this article, college’s universities and other training institutions are not providing job-ready candidates. They are producing inexperienced certificate holders that in the cut and thrust of the real world hold little or no value at entry level.

Of course, certificates are important, and you gain certificates while gaining on the job experience. Do you think the leading top executives of any industry are holding doctorates in digital marketing? I can tell you they are not; they hold something far more valuable, experience.

What do other people think about GenM?

There are some fantastic reviews from very satisfied students who have taken advantage of the free digital marketing apprenticeship. Most students feel that the experience taught more about social media marketing programs than any other course they could have taken if it had been available.

Students found that working with top line trainers from major digital marketing companies gave them a competitive edge when looking for work.

The overall experience Is positive.

You may find the odd review that is negative but this is more about selecting the correct course for the student or the correct student for the tutor. When it comes to the initial interview the student should really know what he intends to do with his working career and select his course based on his decisions.


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